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We specialise in treating gum disease and have 3 in-house Specialist Periodontists (gum Specialists), Dr Pedja Pavlovic, Dr Divya Patel and Dr Federico Moreno. Gum disease or gingivitis means, quite literally, inflammation of the gingivae or gums. Gum problems occur when there is inflammation or infection of the supporting tissues of the teeth. There are… Read More

Myths About Gum Disease

MYTH: Tooth loss is a natural part of ageing. FACT: With good oral hygiene and regular professional care, your teeth are meant to last a lifetime. However, if left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss. It is the primary cause of tooth loss in adults 35 and over. MYTH: People who have gum… Read More

Gum Health

Gum Health – The Facts New evidence Over the last decade striking evidence has emerged about the links between our general (systemic) health and gum inflammation. Gum inflammation (bleeding gums, gum disease and periodontitis) is a factor in the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Gum inflammation can also hasten the onset of diabetes and makes it… Read More

Soft Tissue Grafting

Long teeth / exposed roots Do you feel you look older than you really are? Sometimes gum recession causes tooth roots to become exposed which makes your teeth look long and can make you look older. This recession can happen as a result of a variety of causes such as incorrect brushing and use of… Read More


Peri-implantitis is the term used to refer to gum (periodontal) problems around dental implants. In many ways it is very similar to periodontal disease (advanced gum disease) that affects the gums around natural teeth. If you notice any symptoms of this condition, it is imperative that you see us as soon as possible. In a… Read More

Gummy Smile

Gummy Smile or Uneven Gum Line Before After A ‘gummy’ smile happens, as the name suggests, when more of your gums show than your teeth when you smile. It’s very common and can be treated by our Specialist Periodontists. Some people describe the condition as having ‘short’ teeth – although it’s more likely your teeth… Read More

Gum Disease

Gum Disease – Medical Consequences Gingivitis, when left untreated, can progress into a more serious form of gum disease called periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is linked to other serious health risks. New research demonstrates that inflammation may link gum disease to other chronic conditions. There is an association between gum diseases and other chronic inflammatory… Read More

Supportive Perio Therapy

Long Term Maintenance – Supportive Periodontal treatment In order to keep your gum condition stable after your specialist gum treatment with us, you will benefit from having specialised 3-monthly hygiene visits called supportive periodontal therapy (SPT). The optimal frequency to keep your gum disease under control is 3-monthly because you are prone to gum disease.… Read More

Smoking And Gum Health

Many smokers need to be made more aware of the dangers of tobacco use. Only 29 percent of smokers say they believe themselves to be at an above-average risk for heart attack compared with their non-smoking peers (Journal of the American Medical Association, March 1999). While information about the medical problems associated with smoking –… Read More

Mouth Cancer Screening

Studies show that mouth cancer is on the increase and that early detection dramatically improves the chances of recovery. We carry out mouth cancer screening at every dental check-up. If you have any sores, lumps or long-term ulcers in your mouth, no matter how small or if they are painful or not, it is very… Read More

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