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Dear Colleague

During the course of the last 20 years the way we practice dentistry has changed dramatically. The paradigm shift in reconstructive and conservative dentistry is very obvious. Periodontics, preventative dentistry and in the last 10 years, implantology, are responsible for much of this…

At the Centre for Aesthetic Periodontics and Implantology we are at the forefront of these advancements. The emphasis has not been on equipment and particular gadgets that we may use; it is our attitude and treatment philosophy that has provided for our accomplishments. That is why we pride ourselves on the number of successfully treated patients, on their improved quality of life, and on the number of patients that we have participating in our supportive periodontal programme. We are known as caring and considerate professionals with a high standing in the dental community who spend a considerable number of weeks every year on postgraduate education and research- not only on building our skills, but also in educating our colleagues (dentists and hygienists alike). We make much of our efforts to develop a good working relationship with our referring colleagues and on the fact that we utilise a “team approach” to patient care.

Join us in the revolution and discover the advantages of working together for the benefit of our patients. None of us alone is as good as all of us together!


Pedja Pavlovic

Specialist in Periodontics, ITI Fellow
It goes without saying that we are using the latest theatre grade sterilisation techniques (vacuum autoclaves), microsurgical techniques (loupes and microscopes), pressure sensitive periodontal probes, digital X-rays and photography, and the latest instrumentation for non-surgical and surgical treatment. All this is to be expected from a dedicated specialist practice.

Our promise to you

The aim of our clinic is to provide a comprehensive specialist management package which includes a wide range of diagnostic treatment planning & surgical services in periodontics, implant dentistry, restorative dentistry and endodontics.

CAPI will insure that the referred practitioner will only carry out the specific treatment on which the referral is based. The patient will then be sent back to the original referring practitioner for all other treatment.

It is the strict policy of the clinic that only the treatment prescribed by the referring practitioner will be carried out by a CAPI Specialist. Under no circumstances will our clinicians carry out any treatment outside of the terms of the original referral instructions without obtaining prior consent from the referring clinician.

Referring practitioners are encouraged to interact with CAPI during the course of their patient’s treatment . Please inform us prior to treatment commencing if you wish to participate so that all necessary arrangements can be made.


  • Open and continuing communication
  • We aim to contact your patient within 48 hours
  • We always produce a comprehensive treatment plan and send this to you and to your patient
  • We insure that your patients always receive fully itemised invoice and all costs will be agreed and discussed before treatment commences
  • A written report of the findings from the initial examination, including prognosis, proposed treatment plan, and suggestions for restorative care
  • A final report when active treatment has been completed
  • A letter when the patient has been referred back to your office for restorative care
  • A discussion of the recall schedule with agreement about where the patient will be seen for these visits
  • Additional communication, verbal or written, as needed
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