There’s nothing worse that bits of your body not working properly, and it’s something that we never really adjust to, especially when it’s our teeth that are no longer performing as we expect them to.

Dental Implants in Kent

This is the burden that many people have to bear when they lose one or more of their teeth. In Kent, dental implants are the choice of more and more people who have lost teeth. This is because they do the best all round job of replacing both the look and the functionality of lost teeth.

Here at Centre for Aesthetic Periodontics and Implantology Limited in Kent, dental implants are a large part of our work. Our highly skilled implant dentists are often used by other dentists, who refer their patients to us.

Eat what you like

One of the biggest problems with losing your teeth is discovering that you can no longer eat the crunchy, chewy foods that so many of us love. We cannot bite or chew with our gums and many people find these actions hard even with artificial teeth on bridges or dentures.

The root of the problem

The big difference between dental implants in Kent and other forms of artificial teeth is that dental implants replace the root as well as the crown.

The root is what keeps teeth in place and gives the stability that allows your teeth to bite and chew. Dental implants, which are artificial teeth on titanium posts fixed into the jawbone, can withstand up to 200lbs of force, which is more than is required by an adult male for chewing.

The other great thing about dental implants in Kent is that once they are in place, you can more or less treat them as you would your own natural teeth, looking after them with careful regular brushing and flossing. This is to keep the gums around them healthy. The porcelain teeth themselves are impervious to dental decay. All in all, there is no replacement tooth option that more closely mimics the teeth that nature gave you.


Dental implants are an investment in the future of your smile. Your Dentist will talk you through the whole process when you visit us for dental implants in Kent at Centre for Aesthetic Periodontics and Implantology Limited.

dental-implants-in-kentIf you need preparatory work, such as extractions or a bone graft, this can lengthen your overall treatment time. After one of our team has made an assessment of your mouth, they will be able to let you know what is required and give you a rough estimate of the time frames involved.

Dental implant surgery is a relatively short process. You will come to the Practice, have a local anaesthetic and get your dental implants fitted. You will be able to drive home afterwards but it is also nice to have someone with you for support.

The healing period after dental implants in Kent is the longest part of the process. The bone in your jaw needs to grow around the dental implants to hold them in place and secure them for your use. The overall healing period is somewhere between eight and 12 weeks, although every patient is different. There are some conditions that can extend the length of time it will take. If you are a smoker then this can affect the interval as well. Your dentist will advise you to quit, even if only for the duration of your treatment.


Once you have dental implants in Kent with us, you will be able to eat, smile, chew and laugh with confidence. There is no adjustment period nor any special techniques that you need to use to adapt to them. You can use them as you would normal teeth. Your speech will not be affected.

Dental implants prevent deterioration in the jaw bone, which can create a sunken look about the face. This is another way that they assist with your overall look.

If you want to replace missing or deteriorating teeth with dental implants then first you need to check that they are right for you. In terms of functionality, they are a solid, long-term solution that works in a very similar way to normal teeth. The vast majority of people report that getting dental implants has a positive impact on their lives.

Visit us for dental implants in Kent at Centre for Aesthetic Periodontics and Implantology Limited. We can give you all the information you need.

dental-implants-kentWhat are your circumstances?

In order to assess suitability for your personal circumstances, you need to be open with your Dentist about your needs and medical history.

For some people, the cost of dental implants is prohibitive. If budget is a major consideration for you then talk to one of our Dentists at Centre for Aesthetic Periodontics and Implantology Limited, Kent. Dental implants are designed to last a lifetime, if properly cared for, but they do come at a cost. We may be able to offer advice on spreading the cost, or offer treatment options that are less expensive.

If you have poor health or certain medical conditions, you may not be able to have dental implants at this time. They are fitted under local anaesthetic and there is a healing period afterwards. Dental implants are inserted into the jawbone, which then heals around the site. If you have a condition that affects bone growth, then you may not be able to consider implants.

What conditions exist in your mouth?

One of our team will check that you have the required jawbone density to support dental implants. If you have had missing teeth for a while, then you natural bone may have deteriorated a bit. If this is the case then there are still options, such as a bone graft, that can prepare your mouth for the eventual placement of dental implants.


If you are missing one or more teeth and you don’t like the idea of bridges and dentures, dental implants are a viable, long-lasting and durable tooth replacement alternative that can considerably enhance your smile and increase the quality of your life.

dental-implants-in-kentThink about how much you use your mouth and teeth on a daily basis. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your missing teeth replaced by durable restorations that function as well as your natural teeth? Whatever your needs, we are happy to help you here at Centre for Aesthetic Periodontics and Implantology Limited. If you are considering dental implants in Kent, we will be by your side at every step of the treatment.


At Centre for Aesthetic Periodontics and Implantology Limited, all of our dental implants in Kent are placed by Dr Pedja Pavlovic, a highly trained Specialist Periodontist, and are restored by Dr Bardia Valizadeh, a Specialist Prosthodontist who is devoted to high-quality patient care. During your consultation appointment, you are free to ask any questions you want and our experienced Dentists will give you an outline of what the procedure will include. You will also be guided through the benefits and risks of dental implants so that you will feel fully prepared for the process. Finally, your teeth and jawbone will be carefully examined to determine suitability. Dental implants require certain conditions for a successful outcome, but even if you are not eligible at first, additional treatment preparation (i.e. bone grafting) may be suggested.

Implant surgery

Dental implant surgery is a relatively simple procedure and does not involve pain or discomfort. Although the procedure includes a local anaesthetic, nervous patients can also have various types of sedation, such as oral sedation or intravenous sedation.

Your Dentists will insert the dental implants according to the treatment plan drawn up from the thorough examination carried out during your consultation. The implants will be placed in the best possible positions to ensure your new teeth function with the same strength as normal teeth. Once healing is complete, you will be called back to our Kent Dental Practice to have your permanent teeth attached to your dental implants.

Get in touch

To learn more about dental implants in Kent, contact us today.

Centre for Aesthetic Periodontics and Implantology Limited is committed to caring for patients at every step when they have dental implants in Kent with us. From the beginning, we put you at the centre of our care strategy. This means that you benefit from custom-designed plans and advice.



The healing process after dental implants is integral to their function. Your jawbone grows around the fixtures to secure them. This means that they move in harmony with the motion of your jaw so that you can use your new teeth seamlessly.

In order to allow this process to proceed as planned, you will need to be gentle with your implant sites initially. This entails light brushing, a soft diet and using a mouthwash as directed by your dentist.


Maintaining your implants is relatively easy as long as you are diligent. You can follow a normal, thorough dental hygiene routine. Centre for Aesthetic Periodontics and Implantology Limited will make follow-up appointments with you at our clinic in Kent. Dental implants are situated deep in the jaw so this might include x-rays to check that everything is as it should be.

If you see anything worrying about your gums or any remaining teeth then you should visit your Dentist without any delay. Your dental implants can be affected by things like gum disease and so you need to attend to any symptoms straight away. You also need to take care of yourself generally.

There are one or two health conditions that could present a risk to the long term health of you dental implants but your Dentist will advise you on this so that you can get in touch if you think there are any issues.

Maybe you’ve lost several teeth over a period of time and your jawbone has started to deteriorate. Perhaps you suffered tooth trauma as a result of an injury with significant bone loss. Or you may have had multiple tooth extractions over the years due to gum disease or decay, leaving almost no remaining bone for teeth replacements. Alternatively, you may have experienced gradual bone loss from wearing dentures.

dental-implants-in-kentRegardless of the reason you want to get dental implants, you may have heard that you are not an ideal candidate due to lack of bone in your jaw. However, modern advancement in implant dentistry has made dental implants possible for patients with significant bone loss. At the Centre for Aesthetic Periodontics and Implantology in Kent, we offer high-quality bone grafts to patients with insufficient bone who wish to have dental implants.

What is bone grafting?

The success and longevity of your dental implants in Kent is possible only when there is sufficient supporting bone and tissue present. Whether jawbone is lacking in height or width, it can be increased or replaced with bone grafting.

Essentially, a bone graft creates a sturdy foundation for implants to be securely placed. The type of graft you receive depends on the current condition of your jawbone. If you have lost a lot of teeth over many years, the bone loss will be substantial. Your Dentist will use either some of your own bone (taken from another part of your mouth) or synthetic bone granules to build upon the deteriorated bone. If you experience advanced bone loss a larger piece of bone will be required. Once healed, the graft site should be as solid as natural bone and provide a sturdy foundation for your dental implants.

We use several different types of bone and tissue grafting materials to supplement or replace your natural bone. To learn more about bone grafting and dental implants in Kent, please contact us today.


At Centre for Aesthetic Periodontics and Implantology Limited, the patient is our primary focus. This means that we offer you a service that is, first and foremost, designed to meet your needs.

dental-implants-in-kentWhen you are considering something like dental implants in Kent, this is particularly vital. You will be committing to an extensive, life-changing procedure, if you decide to go ahead.

Informed decision

We want you to be able to make an informed decision about your own treatment. This means explaining the procedure to you in detail without using jargon or complicated technical terms. We make sure you know what will happen and when.

At Centre for Aesthetic Periodontics and Implantology Limited, we also believe in being transparent about the challenges of a treatment as well as the benefits. This means that your expectations match what will actually happen and that there are no difficult surprises.

With a treatment like dental implants in Kent, there are usually several stages to the process including consultation, procedure, healing and aftercare. If you need preparatory work like tooth removal or a bone graft, then this may add to the overall length of treatment. Every patient is an individual and will take a different route to dental implants. We give you a personalised overview of your treatment before you agree to start.

What happens next?

The dentist will plan your procedure with you after a detailed assessment of your mouth and jawbone. The final plan will tell you when your appointments will be and what will happen. It will also include a breakdown of all likely costs so you can budget accordingly for your treatment. You will receive all of this in writing.

What happens afterwards?

You will be given the information you need to prepare for the effects of your treatment at our clinic in Kent. Dental implants need time to become integrated into your jawbone after insertion and, during this time, you need to be gentle with them.

There is no better way to understand the course of your dental treatment than by talking to your dentist. At Centre for Aesthetic Periodontics and Implantology Limited, we love to talk to our patients about what they want and what we can offer.

dental-implants-in-kentThe procedure for getting dental implants in Kent at our clinic is tailored to individual needs. You may have specific concerns or need adaptations to a standard procedure to make things work well for you. However, there are some steps that are common to everyone’s experience that we can discuss here.


A consultation is where you get to meet your dentist, if you haven’t already, and benefit from a comprehensive review of the conditions in your mouth. This will take place at Centre for Aesthetic Periodontics and Implantology Limited, Kent. Dental implants are used to replace your missing teeth with new ones, so the first thing your dentist looks at is where you have gaps in your smile.

You may also need an assessment for your jawbone, and this could include scans or x-rays. This is because dental implants are supported by the jawbone and so the areas within it where the implants will be fitted have to have enough bone to support the implants. If there isn’t, then there may be options like bone grafts that you can consider.


The implant procedure itself usually takes relatively little time. The dentist will have made a plan for where the dental implants will be positioned before you begin.


Healing can take eight weeks or more as the jawbone grows around the dental implants. This is similar to the process that occurs when your body heals a broken bone.

There is one more thing that is common to all procedures and that is our commitment to supporting you throughout. When you have dental implants in Kent with us, you can expect a very high standard of patient-centred care.

Increasing numbers of people of all ages are turning to dental implants to replace their missing teeth. Kent dental clinic, Centre for Aesthetic Periodontics and Implantology Limited, offers a wide range of implant treatments, both simple and complex, opening up all of the benefits dental implants can bring to an ever-increasing patient demographic.

dental-implants-in-kentTooth loss is traditionally associated with the older generation – the over-75s in particular. However, it can happen at any age and for many reasons. Ultimately, the most important thing is not why it has happened to you, but the fact that it has happened, so you need to decide what to do next.

Dentures and dental bridges have long been the stalwarts of tooth replacement, but the traditional varieties only replace the crowns of lost teeth. At our dental clinic we can combine a series of dental implants in Kent with an implant-retained bridge or denture, as well as one implant, one crown for people who need a single tooth replacing.

Kent dental implants

Your dental implants journey will begin with a consultation here at our Kent clinic, during which an experienced implant dentist will conduct a thorough clinical examination, taking x-rays and CT scans to aid with diagnosis and treatment planning, as well as assessing the bone volume to check whether you have enough to support dental implants. Sometimes bone needs to be built up with a graft first.

If dental phobia has played a role in your tooth loss, your dentist can treat you under sedation here at our Kent clinic. This does not mean you will be unconscious as with a general anaesthetic, but will be very relaxed and peaceful, and free from pain.

Once your dental implants have been placed, a process called osseointegration begins, which sees your implants mesh with your jaw bone to form a bond akin to that of a natural tooth roots. Temporary teeth are often fitted, and you will be recalled to our Kent clinic a few months later, when this integration is complete, to have a permanent denture, crown, or bridge attached.

Are you missing any teeth? Have dentures that won’t stay still? Dental implants in Kent could be just what you need.

Dental implants, Kent can help you change your smile. No longer will missing teeth damage your confidence or self-esteem. Dental implants are a safe and well established treatment. They have progressed hugely to now provide a treatment that is just as strong as your original teeth.

dental-implants-in-kentHow do they work?

Dental implants, Kent are a replacement for your natural teeth. We use a titanium screw to replace the root of your lost tooth or teeth. This process is undertaken with our highly trained dentists. They will ensure the health of your jaw bone before any procedure. This is to make sure the implant is suitable and will provide a long-lasting and successful restoration. After these rigorous checks, you can have your implant fitted. This is a short and pain free process.

You then need a period of healing time, when the implant will fuse with your jaw bone. This can take between 6 and 12 weeks. After this, we will then attach your replacement tooth, bridge or crown to finalise your dental implants.


Strong and stable, our dental implants in Kent restore your teeth so they look, feel and function like your natural teeth. Dental implants are also built to last.

Dental implants, Kent can restore your face shape, as well as your teeth! With missing teeth comes a sagging and loss of shape to your face. With your new implants your face with regain its original shape, leading to a healthier glow.

It is now time to enjoy your life without fear of smiling! Some people feel uncomfortable or embarrassed in public when they are missing teeth. You can enjoy eating your favourite foods again as there are no restrictions on what your teeth can handle biting into.