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Fees correct as of May 2019.

Specialist Periodontal Treatment (Gum Treatment)
Periodontal consultation with report £130
Emergency consultation during hours £85
Emergency consultation out of hours £200
Non-surgical periodontal treatment from £700
Surgical periodontal treatment £780 – £1225
Reassessment £175
Laser therapy Individual fee
Supportive periodontal therapy £145
Simple crown lengthening of single tooth £675
Complex crown lengthening Individual fee
Frenectomy £695
Gingival (gum) grafting £1425
Surgical/X-ray stent £150
Extraction £175 – £325
Extraction wisdom tooth up to £550
Socket preservation £350
Bacterial/genetic testing from £95
Hygienist Services
Hygienist visit 30 mins £77
Hygienist visit 45 mins £103
Hygienist visit 60 mins £138
Hygienist visit 30 mins desensitisation with laser £90
Hygienist visit 60 mins including laser treatment £175
Implant Treatment
Implant consultation with report £130
Surgical implant placement £1445
Bone grafting (including materials) £695 – £895
Bone block grafting £1800
Sinus lift up to £2200
Implant abutment £505
Implant crown £910
Specialist Prosthodontic Treatment (Restorative Treatment)
Restorative consultation with report £130
Complex case planning (including x-rays and study casts) £385
Filling £107 – £398
Core placement and investigation £255
Porcelain bonded crown £800
Metal free crown, onlay, or full gold crown £868
Ceramic veneer £928
Post £117 – £398
Bridge (per unit) from £800
Acrylic partial denture £380 – £1200
Metal-based partial denture £1400 – £2200
Full denture (upper or lower) £2000
Set of full dentures (upper and lower) £3200
Specialist Endodontic Treatment (Root Canal Treatment)
Endodontic consultation with report £90
Incisor/premolar root canal treatment £695
Molar root canal treatment £795
Retreatment £850
Removal of posts, fractured instruments, silver points, crowns or bridges £150 – £200
Yearly recall (including x-ray) £50
Radiographs and Imaging
Panoramic x-ray £88
CT scan £195
Radiology report £90 – £150
Small x-rays £15
Intraoral 3D scanning £25
IV sedation £350 per hour
Nutritionist Services
Nutritionist consultation 90mins £95
Nutritionist follow up appointment 60mins £70
Snoring Treatment
NightLase initial consultation £75
NightLase therapy (course of treatment) £1200
NightLase therapy annual maintenance £175
Mandibular advancement splint £600

Please note we offer a young adult discount for patients between the ages of 18-21. A discount of 25% will be applied to check ups and general dental treatment carried out by the Dentist.

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