Case Study

Case 1

Crown lengthening

Beforecase1 before
Aftercase1 after

Case 2

Gingival grafting

Beforecase2 before
Aftercase2 after

Case 3

Implant treatment

Beforecase3 before
Aftercase3 after

Case 4

Gingival grafting, implant treatment and veneers

Beforecase4 before
Aftercase4 after

Case 5

Implants and crowns

Beforecase5 before
Aftercase5 after

Case 6

Gingival grafting

Beforecase6 before
Aftercase6 after

Case 7

Implants and veneers

Beforecase7 before
Aftercase7 after

Case 8

Implant treatment

Beforecase8 before
Aftercase8 after

Case 9

New set of complete dentures

Beforecase9 before
Aftercase9 after

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